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Benefits of eating Banana Pepper

  1. One banana pepper, approximately 4 inches long, brings 9 calories to the table. Only one of these calories comes from fat, reports nutrition resource website The Calorie Counter. According to Brown, typical recipes will call for anywhere between half a pepper to two or three.
  2. Nutrients:
    One of the inseparable health benefits of banana peppers is the amount of nutrients it contains. A little four inch long banana pepper can fulfil 45% of your body's daily Vitamin C requirement. In addition, banana peppers also contribute towards the body's Vitamin A, Iron, Protein and Potassium needs. Recent research has brought forward one of the most important health benefits of banana peppers - the presence of carotenoids in large amounts. Not only do carotenoids contribute to the maintenance of the overall health, they also decrease the risk of diseases like cancer and heart diseases. This probably the reason why countries which include a lot of peppers in their diet (like India, Mexico, etc.) do not report many cases of specific types of cancer.
  3. Blood Circulation
    The health benefits of banana peppers also include an improvement in the blood circulation of the body. Peppers, in general, are found to reduce the blood pressure. What generally happens when peppers are consumed is that the body's temperature rises causing the blood flow to increas. Also, the presence of Vitamins A & C help in strengthening the blood vessel walls.