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Benefits of eating Blossom

  1. Banana flower is the purplish-red flowers growing at the end of the long banana stem. It is rich in a variety of vitamins including vitamin a and c, and it is also considered that to have the effect of alleviating pains. In many Asian countries, it is usually served as a type of vegetable as a part of people’s daily diet. The mature flower often have hard husks on the outside. When the husks have been peeled away, the leaves in the middle can be used to cook a variety of dishes. Generally, new fresh banana flowers can be eaten in raw. In Thailand, banana flowers are often consumed by dipping them in some spicy sauce. In addition, it can be served as an ingredient for soup or noodles. It is also used to make salad in some countries as well. People usually pluck the flowers directly from the banana tree and then sell the fresh flowers in market. If you are about to buy some for cooking, you should make sure to choose the fresh ones which are tight and undamaged. The outer husks should be closely overlapped each other for freshness purposes. If you do not want to eat them right away, it is advised to cover them with some plastic bags and store them in the refrigerator. Some people having experience of cooking banana flowers usually recommend that you should wear gloves beforehand. This is because the leaking banana flower liquid can leave some stains on your skin or on your clothes. You can also rub some cooking oil on your hand which make the liquid easier to be washed